HOA Horror: Toxic Stories About Mold Pt. 3

Last week, we continued our examination of toxic stories about mold all over the United States. This week, we explore the toxic reality about moldy lawsuits.   Lawsuits Proliferate Mold lawsuits began mushrooming in the mid-1990’s. The so-called kickoff lawsuit that spawned the huge wave of litigation was the $32 million a Texas jury awarded […]

HOA Horror: Toxic Stories About Mold Pt. 2

Last week, we started our examination of toxic stories about mold in Illinois, Florida, New York, and California in this four-part series. This week, we continue down this moldy road into Chicago and New York.   “The Whole Building is Leaking like a Sieve.” In the leafy Ukrainian Village neighborhood in Chicago, Josh Bizar purchased his […]

HOA Horrors: Toxic Stories About Mold Pt. 1

The concept of a partnership in an HOA community living is a noble one. Peacefulness, harmony, and tranquility should always be the goal- as well as ensuring the health and safety of the members. However, community associations are not immune to health risks, environmental toxins, and safety concerns. If a problem exists, you are just […]

You’ve Discovered HOA Fraud: When Is It Time for Legal Advice?

Last week, we discussed how to react when you discover HOA fraud. This week, we discuss when it’s time for legal advice. The short answer is, never! Going to court against your homeowners association is equivalent to suing yourself. Amazingly, the aggrieved homeowner is simultaneously paying for both the prosecution and the defense at the […]

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