3 Signs Your Condo Association Might Have A “Bully Board”

“Bully boards” are so prevalent that the term is commonplace lingo among community association property managers and real estate attorneys. It’s a moniker used to describe condo and homeowner association (HOA) boards that are so drunk with power, they resort to abusing their subjects– the owners. Unlike typical renters, most homeowners simply cannot pick up […]

10 Things To Know BEFORE You BUY a Condo

A new Illinois law designed to educate consumers on their rights as condo owners, and provide policies to help mediate disputes between owners and associations recently was signed by outgoing Gov. Pat Quinn. The law calls for an ombudsman’s office to offer education materials and training to unit owners, associations and condo boards. Unfortunately, that […]

The Condo – Home or Investment?

Once upon a time, there was the “American Dream.” A home was a place where people lived for a long time. Young newlyweds would purchase a modest home, furnish it, and then spend the next two decades raising children there. Grandparents might live in a house nearby, or move in with their adult children later […]

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