Protect Your Real Estate Investment

PARScoreTM is the only product that gives you a complete, under-the-hood look at both the financial and physical health of your condo or homeowners association.


PARScoreTM reduces risk and provides a comprehensive assessment of the health, safety, security, and creditworthiness of a condominium or homeowners association.

The PARScoreTM Process

PARScoreTM evaluates hidden liabilities that can affect investment decisions--and save you thousands of dollars.

The proprietary fact-based standardized analysis and rating system saves both time and money. Data is collected from association records, on-site inspections, corporate filings and other databases.

The numbers are calculated using an algorithm that analyzes more than 140 data points plus thousands of public records. Lawsuits, house rules, bank balances, special assessments, rent policies, owner occupancy ratios, and the board’s policy on conflicts of interest are a few of the items examined in detail.

A financially solid and well run association is a smart investment.

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We obtain records and complete a summary review of annual income, amount in reserves, percentage of annual income allotted to reserves, and other critical documentation.


We review the official minutes of association meetings to identify concerns and risks.

Special Assessments

We document the history of special assessments levied by the association for special conditions that have arisen.


We identify liability and risk related to past lawsuits against the association as well as pending litigation.


We dispatch trained professionals to detect any visible safety or maintenance concerns in the associations common elements.


We provide photographs to keep a visual record of common elements and any nearby external hazards.

Understanding The PARScoreTM Report

Rating System

A higher PARScore score indicates a financially stable association where a low score suggests that caution be used.

The PARScore rating ranges from 400 to a high of 900 and is modeled after a credit score.

PARScore is derived from more than 140 unique data points and thousands of public records.


The PARScore report provides the Top Five Positive Factors and the Top Five Negative Factors affecting the score.

Additional in-depth report sections include: Association Information, Project Information, Association Characteristics, Board Information, and Legal and Financial Information.


Your report will include detailed photographs that document the condition of the common areas, recreational and parking facilities, and any visible safety or sanitation hazards.

These photographs serve as a permanent record of the condition of the facilities as of the date of the report.

The Details

A detailed questionnaire, similar to those used by banks and mortgage lenders, is completed by a board member or property manager for the association.

Answers on the questionnaire are spot checked for verification and consistency to ensure due diligence is performed.


Pricing is based on the number of units in the association.

The more units in the development, the more common elements need to be evaluated and more time is spent reviewing all of the pertinent documents for the association.

Small Medium Large
Less than7 Units
7 to 19 Units

20 – 49 Units

50 – 99 Units

100 – 249 Units

250 – 500 Units
More than500 Units
$300 $350 $450 $550 $650 $750 $850


"I wish I had a PARScoreTM when I purchased. It would have saved me so many headaches—and so much money."
-S. Bolm
"Transparency is what PARScoreTM is all about. Teams have conducted numerous field studies in Chicago. The results were shocking in terms of inspecting the associations and identifying troubling data."
-J. Zabel
"PARScoreTM asks serious questions. If the building was built in 1929, when was a new roof last installed? When was tuck-pointing done? When were the windows resealed or replaced? PARScoreSM puts meat on the bones of an incomplete appraisal. You have everything covered—by category and rank. It’s a slam dunk."
-E. Kane
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