Who needs a PARScore™?


It’s a fact. Buying a home is the single biggest investment decision most purchasers make in their lifetime. PARScore does the homework and provides you with the knowledge and analyses you need to make an informed and educated purchase decision. Never buy blind again.


Is your association up to PAR? Provide your owners with the peace of mind knowing they have a well run association and a transparent board of directors. Let the PARScore standard of integrity, clarity and fiscal responsibility represent your association.


The bottom line: the health of an association’s finances and the quality of its governance have a direct impact on the collateral of your loan. Why risk making an uninformed lending decision? PARScore is the solution you need.


How many types of insurance does an association need? Property, liability, fidelity, directors and officers, just to name a few. Many multimillion-dollar judgments have been levied against association boards for breach of contract or fiduciary duties. Increase your profits by reducing claim risks when insuring in a condominium or homeowner association. PARScore Score has the number you need to make a wise decision.

Real Estate

PARScore is the win-win solution for all parties. Close deals faster, increase client satisfaction, reduce risk and boost referrals with PARScore.  Be the expert and provide the ultimate disclosure on the fiscal and physical health of the association.

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