Condo Class-Action Lawsuits Filed

CONDO OWNERS FIGHT HEFTY DOCUMENT FEES WITH CLASS-ACTION LAWSUITS By Don DeBat  Several Chicago and Illinois condominium owners who are fed up with being ripped off by management companies who charge excessive fees to access legal documents are fighting back with class-action lawsuits, legal experts say. On November 20th, Inc., a national web database […]

Condo owners sue seller, Realtor, Association for nondisclosure of potential $60K assessment

Every day I hear or read about outrageous events in Association Governed Housing Communities. And I see the same issues over and over again. These are not “isolated incidents” as the HOA industry would have the public believe. Two very common issues I encounter: disputes over who should pay for substantial repairs to exterior elements […]

HOA Horror: Roaches, Bedbugs, And Rats Pt. 1

Last week, we completed a four-part series about mold. This week, we begin an examination of HOA Horrors stories about roaches, bedbugs, and rats across the nation.   A “Biblical” Explosion of Roaches   Cleanliness may be next to godliness, but when your community is invaded by roaches, bedbugs, rats, maggots, and other vermin, it’s time […]

HOA Horror: Toxic Stories About Mold Pt. 3

Last week, we continued our examination of toxic stories about mold all over the United States. This week, we explore the toxic reality about moldy lawsuits.   Lawsuits Proliferate Mold lawsuits began mushrooming in the mid-1990’s. The so-called kickoff lawsuit that spawned the huge wave of litigation was the $32 million a Texas jury awarded […]

You’ve Discovered HOA Fraud: When Is It Time for Legal Advice?

Last week, we discussed how to react when you discover HOA fraud. This week, we discuss when it’s time for legal advice. The short answer is, never! Going to court against your homeowners association is equivalent to suing yourself. Amazingly, the aggrieved homeowner is simultaneously paying for both the prosecution and the defense at the […]

Clues That Your HOA Might Be The Victim Of Embezzlement

Last week, we talked about the ways that your HOA can unwittingly be stripped of their monies. This week, we talk about the signs that your HOA might be the victim of embezzlement. There are many clues to embezzlement, but the primary clue that theft or misappropriation of funds is occurring is secrecy. Any board […]

The Many Names For Theft Inside Your HOA: Part TWO

Last week we covered: the kickback, overbilling, expense padding, volunteer compensation and underreporting income. In the final installment of this two-part series, we continue highlighting common examples of how HOA’s can unwittingly be stripped of their monies: Overreporting expenses. Owners should beware when financial statements show an exaggerated amount for recurring regular monthly expenses. For example, […]

Omaha HOA Homeowners Disagree Over Park Improvements

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities, CHPPI Today’s article is a reminder: when you buy into a homeowners association, you agree to common ownership of assets and liabilities for that Association Governed Community. Take Harrison Woods HOA, for example. The community of roughly 185 homes, a mix of detached single family homes, townhouses and villas, […]

HOA Makes $109K Fair Housing Settlement Contingent On Owners Moving Out

By: Deborah Goonan Another report of fair housing discrimination by a homeowners association board, with all of the typical hallmarks. After filing a complaint with California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) in 2013, Allen and Cynthia Campbell have settled their dispute with Sonora Springs Homeowners Association. The complaint was filed when the HOA […]

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