Condo Buyers Should Never Buy Blind Without Insider Info

Consumers should never buy blind when it comes to shopping for a condo or a residence in a homeowners association (HOA), experts advise. “Novice buyers often fall in love with the decorative staging or the lakefront view of a for-sale unit,” said Sara E. Benson, a Chicago real estate broker and appraiser with more than […]

Many Condo & HOA Owners Are ‘Dissatisfied’ With ‘Carefree’ Life

Is it possible that tens of millions of Americans—quietly residing and paying their assessments in condominiums and homeowners associations (HOAs) nationwide—are not happy campers? A new national survey by the Coalition for Community Housing Policy in the Public Interest (CHPPI), has found that 81% of community association residents surveyed feel that “lack of transparency” and […]

Condo owners sue seller, Realtor, Association for nondisclosure of potential $60K assessment

Every day I hear or read about outrageous events in Association Governed Housing Communities. And I see the same issues over and over again. These are not “isolated incidents” as the HOA industry would have the public believe. Two very common issues I encounter: disputes over who should pay for substantial repairs to exterior elements […]

HOA Horror: Roaches, Bedbugs, And Rats Pt. 1

Last week, we completed a four-part series about mold. This week, we begin an examination of HOA Horrors stories about roaches, bedbugs, and rats across the nation.   A “Biblical” Explosion of Roaches   Cleanliness may be next to godliness, but when your community is invaded by roaches, bedbugs, rats, maggots, and other vermin, it’s time […]

Clues That Your HOA Might Be The Victim Of Embezzlement

Last week, we talked about the ways that your HOA can unwittingly be stripped of their monies. This week, we talk about the signs that your HOA might be the victim of embezzlement. There are many clues to embezzlement, but the primary clue that theft or misappropriation of funds is occurring is secrecy. Any board […]

The Many Names For Theft Inside Your HOA: Part TWO

Last week we covered: the kickback, overbilling, expense padding, volunteer compensation and underreporting income. In the final installment of this two-part series, we continue highlighting common examples of how HOA’s can unwittingly be stripped of their monies: Overreporting expenses. Owners should beware when financial statements show an exaggerated amount for recurring regular monthly expenses. For example, […]

The Many Names For Theft Inside Your HOA: Part ONE

In this two-part series, we will highlight common examples of how associations can unwittingly be stripped of their monies: The kickback. This widespread act of dishonesty is one of the most prevalent forms of embezzlement because it is extremely difficult to spot. Kickbasks can occur in any association – large or small, self-managed or professionally […]

HOA Makes $109K Fair Housing Settlement Contingent On Owners Moving Out

By: Deborah Goonan Another report of fair housing discrimination by a homeowners association board, with all of the typical hallmarks. After filing a complaint with California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) in 2013, Allen and Cynthia Campbell have settled their dispute with Sonora Springs Homeowners Association. The complaint was filed when the HOA […]

Are You Entitled to Free Speech in your HOA?

by Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities Blog, Coalition for Community Housing Policy in the Public Interest ( As the 2016 Presidential election campaign heats up, so do political sign controversies in homeowners associations. Here’s a perfect example from Florida, a dispute over a Hillary Clinton sign in a resident’s window. Help Me Howard, Channel 7 […]


N4T Investigators: Tenant upset over HOA decision over “dog” fence Written By Bret Buganski TUCSON- Is it a reasonable enforcement of the rules, or did one man’s homeowner’s association go too far? Dan D’Agostino has buyer’s remorse after renting a new home in Continental Ranch. It all centers around an incident where his dog jumped over […]

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