The Many Names For Theft Inside Your HOA: Part TWO

Last week we covered: the kickback, overbilling, expense padding, volunteer compensation and underreporting income. In the final installment of this two-part series, we continue highlighting common examples of how HOA’s can unwittingly be stripped of their monies: Overreporting expenses. Owners should beware when financial statements show an exaggerated amount for recurring regular monthly expenses. For example, […]

The Many Names For Theft Inside Your HOA: Part ONE

In this two-part series, we will highlight common examples of how associations can unwittingly be stripped of their monies: The kickback. This widespread act of dishonesty is one of the most prevalent forms of embezzlement because it is extremely difficult to spot. Kickbasks can occur in any association – large or small, self-managed or professionally […]

FL HOA (Poinciana) Attempting to Become a Municipality

The HOA, Association of Poinciana Villages (FL), wants to become a city. In fact, a group of residents have been attempting to become a municipal corporation for several years. Poinciana Incorporate Now Citizens Home Organization (PINCHOS) has completed a feasibility study submitted to Florida Legislature in August. It seems as though the large subdivision of […]


Is your condominium, or the one you are planning to buy, up to PAR? With the condominium market now reviving in Chicago, the Private Association Rating report, or PARScore®—a  high-tech data-driven analytics process that helps condo buyers evaluate their home purchase in advance—is becoming more and more popular among consumers. “The PARScore® is similar to […]

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