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Make investment decisions with uniform data-driven clarity. PARReport, PARScore and The PARRegistry are setting a new industry standard. Association Evaluation’s discovery and examination processes provide comprehensive due diligence on condominium and homeowner association properties.


Collecting more than 140 specific facts, the PARReport analyzes association-governed communities and identifies those at risk financially, operationally or physically.

To guide investment decisions, our exhaustive Management and Field Verifier Questionnaires record the facts about the Association’s:

  • common elements
  • financials and budgets
  • physical conditions
  • legal status
  • operating and governing policies and
  • external influences such as known unabated health hazards.

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Our proprietary PARScore condenses the PARReport into a quick easy-to-use number.

Similar in concept to the FICO® score on individual credit reports, the Private Association Rating Score (PARScore)
assigns a numeric rating based on the homeowner association’s: financial strength and reserves, physical stability, common elements and external influences.

PARScore is an immediate standardized analysis based on facts.

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The PARRegistry

The unique PARRegistry provides new comprehensive processes to evaluate condominium and homeowner associations.

  • PARReport
  • PARScoreTM

The PARRegistry helps consumers and related industry-service providers make informed decisions about the health, safety, security and credit worthiness of an association.

How it all works together.

Our process involves an information flow that begins with a Realtor® or homeowner, and then cycles through internal discovery, including a field inspection and property manager verification. The result of this process is a standardized PARScore.

We deliver the PARReport.

Our evaluation is delivered to you in a multipage report that details the PARScore, keyed to a D-AAA rating system. Scores range from 400 to 900.

Finally, Your Background Information For Condominiums Can Be This Comprehensive.

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